MozArk is dedicated to giving everyone a chance to have their own "Ark" on the Internet. We can take your ideas and create a Web page or Web site that includes high-quality graphics, backgrounds, animations, HTML, CSS, and is well organized and easy to navigate.

MozArk also creates graphic design for the purpose of enhancing your business or organization including logo design, brochures, flyers, and the like.

MozArk caters to small business, nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and the like. We are able to design original logos and art for your site, or we can incorporate logos and/or themes that you may already have. We use simple HTML or CSS to create each site, a little javascript, and a lot of patience and creativity! We try to make each site unique and impressive.

MozArk, at this time, does not use Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, and/or Forms. We keep it simple as to keep the costs down, and the browser-compatiblity up! We also do not provide Web hosting; you, the client, would need to provide the domain, host and the information for us to FTP you site onto the Internet. If needed, we will arrange Web hosting at market price.


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